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05/05/2009 21:00:00

Professor Sir Richard H. Friend

Professor Sir Richard H. Friend

Cavendish Laboratory,
University of Cambridge

J. J. Thomson Avenue, Cambridge CB2 0HE, UK
Email: rhf10@cam.ac.uk

Richard Friend has been on the Faculty in the Department of Physics, University of Cambridge, since 1980, where he is the Cavendish Professor of Physics.

Professor Friend has pioneered the study of organic polymers as semiconductors, and his research group has demonstrated that these materials can be used in wide range of semiconductor devices, including light-emitting diodes and transistors.

He has been active in the process of technology transfer of this research to development for products. He co-founded Cambridge Display Technology Ltd in 1992 to develop light-emitting diode displays and Plastic Logic Ltd in 2000, to develop polymer transistor circuits that are now being developed as flexible active-matrix backplanes for e-paper displays. He is currently working on the use of polymer and related materials for thin-film photovoltaic diode applications.